65 years of experience in nuclear science and technology

The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK CEN) is one of Belgium’s largest research centres.

It has more than 800 employees who devote themselves every day to developing peaceful applications of nuclear energy.

The research activities of SCK CEN relate to three main topics: the safety of nuclear facilities, sustainable management of radioactive waste and protecting the population and the environment against ionising radiation.

SCK CEN is recognised worldwide and shares its knowledge through numerous publications and training courses in order to keep up this exceptional pool of talent.

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Prof Sarah BAATOUT
Head of Radiobiology

Prof Sarah Baatout is head of the Radiobiology Unit of SCK CEN as well as guest professor at Gent University (ManaMa in Space Sciences) and Senior Lecturer at Namur University. She is a member of the European Space Science Society and of the Human spaceflight and Exploration Science Advisory Committee (HESAC, ESA). In 2018, she was awarded the title of BeSpace personality of the year. Prof Baatout has a long-standing expertise and experience in radiobiology, developmental biology, space biology, flow cytometry and cytokine analysis.

Biomedical scientist

Dr. Bjorn Baselet is a biomedical scientist at SCK CEN. With a PhD in radiobiology, he acquired knowledge on many in vitro and in vivo experimental techniques such as cell culture, cell measurement techniques, live cell imaging, protein quantification techniques, immunochemistry and dissections. He is involved in supporting the coordination of different ESA funded space projects thereby investigating the impact of space (simulated) conditions such as cosmic radiation and microgravity on human health and investigating the radiation resistance mechanisms on rotifers.

Ms Mieke NEEFS
Laboratory technician

Ms Mieke Neefs, laboratory technician at SCK CEN, has a lot of expertise in laboratory animal sciences, with brain dissections, primary neuron cell culture, mice model systems for space research and performing in vitro experiments (under simulated space conditions) on rotifers.

Laboratory technician

Mr Randy Vermeesen is a laboratory technician at SCK CEN. He has a lot of expertise in DNA/RNA extraction, cell culture, performing in vitro experiments under simulated space conditions, cellular stress measurements in saliva, DNA damage analysis and in vitro allergy testing.